dimanche 29 juin 2008

Pasta Pancake******************

8 ounces # nine spaghetti pasta.
(or left over pasta like angle hair fetticcine will work too).
2 eggs.
6 tbsp parmesan cheese.
2 cloves of garlic minced.
1 tsp olive oil.

* Prepare pasta according to package directions drain.
*Beat eggs and 5 tablespoons parmesan cheese in a large mixing bowl.
*Add pasta pepper and garlic,toos until blended.
*Pour oil into perfect pancake pan and place on low heat.
*Toss pasta mixture again and measure out one-fourth of the mixture (about 1 cup),into the perfect pancake pan,flatten into an even layer,let cook approximately 5 minutes or until golden brown on the brown,cooking times may very due to stave type and heat temperatures.
*Close pan and move away from burner,flip over when golden on bottom remove from heat,sprinkle remaining cheese and parsley on top .Serve.

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