jeudi 31 janvier 2008

Sweetcorn And Soured Cream***************

Metric/Imperial:(Serves 4):
312-G/ 11- oz can sweetcorn Kernels,Well Drained.
2-3 Sping Onions.
142-G/5-Oz Carton Soured Cream.
Salt And Peper.

11-Oz Can Corn Kernels,Well Drained.
2-3 Scallions.
5-Oz Carton Dairy Sour Cream.
Salt And Pepper.

Put the well drained sweetcorn in a bowl,finely chop the spring onions and add to the corn with the soured cream and plenty of salt and pepper,turn the salad into a servng dihs and serve at once.

NOTE: It is essencial to drain the corn really well beforehand and to add the cream just before serving so there will not be a lot of watery liquid floating in the dish,which spoils the salad,if you have some cooked peas left over from a previous meal they may be add to the salad.

Sweetcorn and rice salad,mix 100 g/4 -Oz(us 2/3 cup) cooked long-grain rice with drained canned sweetcorn,peeled chopped tomatoes and lightly boiled sliced cougettes,finely chop and onion fry until soft cool then toss into the rice salad with french dressing chopped mixex herbs and seasoning to taste.
Mix Well And Serve.

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